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Humans are one of the only species where Things like a Flashmob or something similar ever could happen.
Alien gets the feels OwO -- Anon Guest

It was late. Even the Humans in this particular well of stairs and doors were quiet. It happened spontaneously. Someone sang a note. Others joined in. Once harmony was accomplished, the Humans fell silent for a moment.

One thousand Humans, all agreeing on the same song. Those non-Humans present could already guess what it was.

"Is this the real life/ Is this just fantasy... Caught in a landslide/ No escape from reality... Open your eyes/ Look up to the skies and seeeeee..."

The Human Anthem.

This particular well had perfect acoustics. There were many times when one or more Humans would belt out a popular song, either one of the many memetic ones or something everyone seemed to know. Most agreed, there was little more intimidating than a horde of Welshmen spontaneously breaking out into a common song. No prompting, no key chorus. Just however-many hundred bursting into one song without any kind of prompting.

Some came to this area of Song Echo Station just to have the chance to hear a lot of Humans singing. Some came to attempt to discover the key behind the phenomenon, more than the typical Human response of, "Come on, who can resist that sort of temptation?" Most just want to get through their day without encountering another chorus.

This time, it was yet another Foursday. Outbursts of Bohemian Rhapsody were to be expected amongst Humans who were relative strangers. It was their way of saying, We are Humans together. We have common ground. This makes us all Us.

Humans had far scarier songs, after all.

Along the Edge territories, closer to Song Echo Station, they have a saying. "You don't know true fear until you've heard five hundred Humans singing I Can't Decide."

For those who test it, there is also the amazement of discovering how true that saying is.

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I can imagine everyone singing "Silent Night" or some other holiday carol in a place like that. Or singing something like "We will Rock You". Or even better "We are the Champions". Something like that.