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Humans always enjoy finding anyone they can have a "same hat!" moment with. This time, it was over "Livin on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. -- Anon Guest

The Humans were bonding memetically. Grurx had heard of this, but never seen it happen, so she picked a safe space to observe.

Human Sem and Human Rys were singing, and showing no signs of stopping. The lyrics had the same beginning, but the finishing couplet was always different. The singing seemed to be a competition, immense fun, and creative, all at once. For Grurx, it was merely confounding.

"Whoooaaa, we're halfway there," one or the other would sing in turn, then they would add a handful of nonsensical words that, though they scanned and rhymed, would not - could not - be part of the original melody.

So far, there had been: kitten on a stair, lipstick on a pear, lizard in a chair, drumstick for a were, tuutuu on a bear, and the lady maiden fair. The Humans were laughing themselves silly.

"I got one, I got one," said Human Rys. "Whoooaa, we're halfway there... whoa-oh! Kid beyond compa-are!"

More peals of laughter. If Grurx didn't know any better, she would swear that they were inebriated. They did not have, and had not consumed, any alcohol at all in the hour that Grurx had been watching.

On one hand, the Humans were bonding, and that was always a good thing. On the other hand... This would be another Thing to investigate for the already overworked Human Interaction Catalogue.

Humans. They had to make everything more complicated just by being there.

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