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"There you are. We have to talk. I have another... project, for you."
"Victor Drath... yes... Something worthy of my services... or another one of your vendettas?"
"You spoke to me once of a... special item... which your organization had developed, one that could prove most beneficial for... certain goals of mine. Does that development still exist? More importantly, is it for sale?"
"This is the world, Mr. Drath. Everything is for sale." -- Anon Guest

Of course, the Shadowy Figure had something to add. "And, naturally, everything has a price... It all depends on what you are willing to pay."

"First," said Drath, "answer my questions. Does the Crown of Edge exist?"

The Shadowy Figure smirked. "It exists."

"What is your price?"

The Shadowy Figure couldn't smile, being made out of shadows and dark mist, nevertheless, there was the impression of a smile in the shifting, vaguely human shape before Drath. There was a low, whispering chuckle. "Journey to Havensforth. Seek out the one known as Sunni Lethe. Once there, kill them, and leave this symbol in their hand."

It was a simple Cleric's medallion. Cheap pot metal, but the sigil was clear to anyone. "The mark of the Mother?"

"The Crown of Edge suits your purposes. This... suits mine."

Drath backed away. "That price is too steep."

"Then seek another deal, or seek another dealer." The mark vanished into the coalescing darkness. "What else would you have of me?"

Another step back. "Nothing today." He backed up, faster than he should have, to the gloomy door that was never in the same place twice. He was through it in a trice, keeping the pace that would neither attract trouble nor cause it. Through the twisting warren of the Pitts, and into more civilised areas of the city, where he could run without fear of arrows in his back.

He would never be coming back there. He would never seek out that... thing again. Now he knew for certain that that creature had no interest in his success. Just an interest that any workman might have for a finely-crafted tool.

All things considered, this was a lucky escape.

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