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There are many types of nerds. Science nerds, language nerds, sports nerds, food nerds, etc. -- Anon Guest


Al ducked the incoming half-cup of fluid. This was the third time in as many minutes. This was, apparently, what they deserved for wearing a Steampunk shirt, a TARDIS cap, and carrying a Tote of Holding. Not helping were the rainbow socks and the cargo pants with the belt and braces.

Al took a deep breath. Glared at the jocks across the way, and started walking towards the group of athletic types. They started laughing and punching each other. They expected a brief fight where Al was going to wind up in a trash bin. One of them got their phone out to film the happenings.

Al squared up against the big one who'd thrown the cup. They were wearing a sports jersey that Al vaguely recognised from the sports sector of the news. "You're not Albert Albertson. Why are you wearing his shirt?"

More laughter from the athletes. "Uh," said the Spokesjock, as if Al was beyond mentally damaged. "It's cause I like the player?"

"So you're a fan of the game, right? I bet you know every winning play Albertson ever made."

"Duh. Yeah. You probably missed out on all of them with your nerdy bullshit."

Now was not the time to explain how sport was not Al's thing. "So... you're a sports nerd, then."

The look on his face was something else. Al treasured it. "Wait. What?"

"You know everything about the game. You know all the stats for Albertson. You wear the merch to show your love for the game and the player. If you play Fantasy Football, then that's no real difference between that and D and D. It's just the rules of play that alter. In the end, you're still pretending your ideal team is doing what you want."

The Spokesjock looked stunned. The rest of them were questioning their existence. "You... wait. How?"

"So... do I get to throw a beverage at you, next time, or... are we cool?"

"Uh..." said the Spokesjock.

"I'll let you think about it."

With any luck, the new way of viewing the world might cause some peace. Which would be a pleasant change.

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