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People need to stop mixing "knowledge" and "intelligence". It's true that a magician can, will and have read and learned more books than the average person, and a barbarian might not know all the rule to live with more civilised person, but it's only knowledge.
Intelligence is knowing that even with all your knowledge, you might not be the more suited person for the task at hand. For example, dealing with a tribal spirit without getting the party slaughtered. Here, the barbarian who knows this spirit have more chance to success than the magician who only saw it in books. -- Anon Guest

Knowledge is remembering that tomatoes are a fruit. Intelligence is not making a conserve out of them. -- the wisdom of Tumblr.

"They're just big cats," said the Wizard. "Just remember cat manners and we should be fine." With that in mind, he made a trilling purr noise and offered knuckles for the gigantic feline to sniff.

Unfortunately for the Wizard, they were also Tabaxi Barbarians who understood the Common Tongue. "Puny man try again, puny man get claw in jollies."

This was a cause of great hilarity for Yothar. "Yothar telling Wizard. Wizard learn listen to Yothar, yes?"

"You have an intelligence level of six! You don't know anything from anything!"

"Yothar knowing smart big cats from dumb big cats," said Yothar. "Wizard not."

"Oh, so you're going to negotiate on our behalf?"

"No. Yothar doing much better. Yothar talk peace with cat people."

There was neither a face nor a palm big enough for the facepalm that Wizard Kyggaine needed to happen at that moment.

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