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So, the big dangerous creature you were supposed to be fighting is now bawling it's eyes out. Worse still, a few of your crewmates/party keep giving it empathetic looks. What are you supposed to do? -- Anon Guest

The gigantic beast sat in the middle of the chamber and howled like an infant. Marvin, Wraithvine, and Lady Anthe all glared at Rumtum.

"You idiot," said Lady Anthe. "Why would you claw a baby inside its nose?"

"Now it's mother's going to come," said Marvin.

"It was going to shove me up its nostril," snarled Rumtum. "I am not going to submit to that."

Wraithvine summoned Dancing Lights and used Prestidigitation to create soft, soothing music. Ze was attempting to distract the beast before the mother realised something had gone wrong. "Good for you," said the Elf. "Perhaps you'd like to explain when the time comes, why its mother shouldn't squish us."

"Assuming its mother can understand Common," said Lady Anthe.

Rumtum focussed all his energies and power together and aimed the highest Sleep spell he could at the gigantic creature. Amazingly, it started to take effect. The beast got blinky as it complained and, when its enormous mother turned up, she assumed that her child was cranky and needed a nap.

She didn't even see the band of four adventurers hiding under an immense ottoman.

"Try that again, cat," growled Lady Anthe, "and I will turn your skin into a floor rug."

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Sounds like a typical D&D party to me, one idiot getting the entire party into a sticky situation

That's exactly what I was aiming for, thank

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