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Do couples on ships ever sing duets together during their leisure times? That would be adorable. -- Anon Guest

Humans are pack-bonding creatures and thrive in environments where they have ready access to their pack. It is therefore advisable, when hiring Humans, to be sure that you hire Humans who have already established a stable pack bond. -- Douddam's Guide to Surviving the Edge.

The Francetti's were at it again. Human pack-bonding rituals were one thing, but this? This was bizarre, even for Humans. These two, a married couple sharing the name Francetti, had a disturbing habit of exchanging tonal combinations of Human words with each other. Something they called a cappella singing.

"...He got hair... down... to his knee/ Got to be a joker/ He just do what he please," sang one of them as the other provided a bass line. They swapped roles, singer and accompaniment, without skipping a beat. "He wear no shoeshine/ He got... toe jam football/ He got monkey finger..."

The words made no sense. The music made no sense. The actions... it was a mating display... maybe? None of the Hrothi aboard the Explorer Twenty-five Twenty-five could make any kind of sense out of it. A handful even attempted to ask the Humans what the ritual was about.

"We're just singing together," said one of the Francetti's. "It's our thing."

Then the Hrothi crew did some deep dive research on the songs they sang together and discovered one more feature about their Ships' Humans...

They were enormous nerds.

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I’m impressed by how long some of these songs have stuck around 🤣

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Wherever Humanity goes, they take their favourite things with them