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"Why do you carry a device only for recording your voice?"
"I think too quick to type anything down" -- Anon Guest

"There are auto-dictation programs galore," added Phrel. "Voice to text."

"Except they come with autocorrect and it takes a freaking age to teach them my personal lexicon. I'm a self-confessed weirdo that way. It's much easier for me to record the audio, slow it down, and use an older autodict to take a best guess at all the spelling. Then correct it afterwards."

Phrel, who had heard Human Trav describe something as, "A solid glurb of blah," had no doubts about the first word in technology having its glitches around this person. Human Trav can, had, and would invent new words to fit according to need, whether or not words for that particular necessity were already extant. They had also heard Human Trav talking faster than possible on numerous occasions. "Like when you've had a 'booster'?"

When Human Trav had some of their 'stash' of chocolate-coated coffee beans (lightly roasted and sugar-coated for preservation) nobody but other Humans could understand hir. They were diabolical human inventions, Phrel was certain.

"Yeah. Like that. Or when I've had a super-brilliant idea about something and it's like," Human Trav gestured in an expanding motion around hir head whilst making an explosion noise. "And it's all gotta go out at once or it's gone. Splammo, y'know?"

Phrel didn't, but pretended they did. Otherwise, Human Trav would explain it. At length. Often with new vocal conglomerates pretending to be real words. "We can only hope that technology will catch up with Human idiosyncrasies."

Human Trav appeared to think about this. "If they did, we'd have to come up with new ones."

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So kinda like making something idiot proof will result in better idiots? XD


Got it in one.