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You should be wary of Humans. All the time. They Bond together and are nearly unstoppable.
However or Whatever you do, DO NOT underestimate/provoke the silent one who doesn't do that.
Please write a story with the focus on the quiet crew-member in the corner. -- Anon Guest

Humans say there are Cat People and Dog People. Galactic Society has largely misunderstood this to mean that there are Humans like dogs, who spread friendliness and affection wherever they go, and Humans like cats, who prefer to just kind of hang out in their chosen companions' general direction. Little can be done, yet, to dissuade them of this generic classification.

Human Petal was used to it. The adorable aliens in her aura classed her as a Cat Person and that meant she was eminently catlike. She could grok it. She got along better with cats and non-humans on the repressed scale than any other creature. For free time, she preferred to sit in a corner and read. The boisterous Marines on the ship left her alone and she largely left them to their own rambunctious devices. Life was good.

Then the pirates attacked.

They were prepared for the Marines. Hardest hits first, knock them down and make sure they stayed down. After that, they thought they were free to incapacitate the crew and do as they whist. Obviously, they thought wrong.

They burst in on the rec room and laid down warning fire over everyone's heads. Human Petal reacted on instinct, grabbing two potential weapons, one in each hand, and closing the distance between her and the lead pirate.

Cats are also known for turning into a whirling ball of claws and teeth when provoked. Human Petal did a remarkable imitation of that with a vinegar bottle and a butter knife. She used those, her teeth, her knees, and elbows to make a significant impact on the pirates, that day.

Ascetic acid, poison to many cogniscents, exacerbated the wounds she inflicted. Human bites are well-known to be toxic, even to humans. Even the hardness of Human internal skeletons made an impact on the pirates.

Human Petal laid waste to them, emerging on the other side in a coating of their blood, snarling and spitting. "Anyone else want to ruin my day?" she challenged.

The remaining pirate crew surrendered on the spot. Just like the Humans always said, Watch out for the quiet ones.

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Must have been a damn good book if she’s that mad about being interrupted 🤣

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It was a really suspenseful passage ;)

Sounds like someone I know. They're a calm, relaxed, person. They learned a long time ago how to control their temper and prefers to sit and cut feathers into quills to make homemade quill and ink sets. But by Gaia, set them off and you find out WHY they worked so hard to control their temper!

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