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"I don't like escort mission..."
"It can't be that bad !"
"We must escort a class 1 Havenworlder with no survival instinct." -- Anon Guest

[AN: See here for reference on Havenworlder scale]

Havenworlders, especially, are known for not exactly evolving, but sauntering vaguely along the evolutionary tree until cogniscence eventually kicked in through sheer boredom. The higher the Havenworlder instinct, the worse they are at certain survival skills.

This is not the rule. Unfortunately for Humans thinking they have an easy escort mission.

"Let's take an escort mish," Lyn said, quizzaciously falsetto. "They're not really that much trouble."

"I get it," sighed Cid.

"They're only level one," Lyn continued his mocking mimicry. "What's the worst they could do?"

Hen, who had borne the brunt of this week's sacrificial accidents[1], carefully added more ointment to a particular scrape. "This is a sandpaper situation, Cid. This is a five month tour. Five months of compound little accidents wearing us down like John McCartney in the tower."

"John McClain," corrected Cid.

"Whatever." Hen hissed as they applied antiseptic. "I'm gonna be limping just because superficial scabs, after today. That's three days of reduced movement."

Lyn continued mocking, "But that pretty little bird is such a nice person." He dropped the act. "That 'pretty little bird' is a flakking menace!"

"We need to start some preventative measures before this pretty little bird just sands us down to nothing," said Hen.

Cid pouted. "I'll do the point ride for three days. That'll get me in the mood to tell Ch'Riiki off about their noted lack of concern."

"Noted lack of survival instinct," said Hen.

"Noted lack of two neurons to rub together," suggested Lyn.

Cid took a deep breath, noting a thousand other cuts and scrapes on their companions. "Whatever."

[1] Accidents one suffers so that someone far more fragile doesn't suffer. Eg: walking over broken glass to rescue a child from the glass they just broke.
[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / Hyrons]

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