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Elves. they come in all shapes and incarnations from Lord of the Rings to Santa's little helpers. What if they all got together for ElfCon. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Warpvale. The impossible happens daily.

In this case, the 'impossible' is a wide and varied range of Elves, from all over the multiverse. All possible hues of skin and more than a few that aren't. All possible sizes of ear, too. From 'vaguely human but huge', through 'human with a point stuck on', to 'actually impossible if you bother with physics'.

There were short Elves, tall Elves, large Elves and small Elves. All with different demographic traits. Elves that rode on enormous wolves, Elves who flew as casually as anyone would walk. Elves so tiny they were barely visible to the untrained eye, Elves so gangly and awkward that it amazed the eye to see them move.

Two, dressed in red robes and looking almost identical unless you knew the signs on an intimate level, surveyed what could only be called a Scene.

One said, "The good news is, we're in our element."

The other said, "The bad news is we still have to find the thing and convince whoever to give it to us."

The first one snorted. "Babe. This is us. We can swindle a king out of everything he has, including his embroidered silk underwear."

"True," acknowledged the second one. "These are also Elves. They might be immune to our charms."

"Pfft," scoffed the first one, tugging their apparent doppelganger along. "Come on. We're winning this."

Three hours later, 'winning this' included two small battles, four fires, one screaming row about semantics, several minor injuries and one major concussion. The twins, now smouldering gently and with their prize clutched between four hands, were being chewed out by a much smaller being in a fancier red coat and an air of command. Because he, too, had pointed ears, nobody commented on his appearance there.

For the record, the twins were evidently proud of themselves. They grinned as the lecture wound down.

" know what?" said the smaller figure. "I honestly don't know why I bother. This was technically a success, but only in the loosest terms." He sighed. "Every time I let you two out on your own, it's always the same thing..."

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