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"Well yeah, it works, but could it be better?" at this point groaning wasn't stopping the human from trying -- Anon Guest

There are two kinds of Humans, though debates abound as to which kinds those two are. In this case, though, the division is between those who say, "What the flakk, it runs," and those who say, "Yes, I know it's working perfectly fine, but what if it worked better than that?" Human Andi was one among the latter.

Like most Humans in the Edge territories, there was something of a learning curve when encountering approved Galactic Territories technology. Unfortunately for most Galactics, Humans pick up on things with alarming rapidity. Humans are naturally curious and many choose to understand complicated components of stellar drives out of little else but pure fascination.

When Human Andi had nothing else to do, they hung out with the ships' engineers. Every single ship they were on, they learned about. When asked why, they would explain in Broken Galstand that the engine was the most important part of getting from A to B without winding up as a chromatic smear at unplanned, sudden stop C. When put like that, most of those who travelled with Human Andi couldn't object. They could and frequently did object when Human Andi started interfering with things.

"It's all in perfect working order," complained the Engineer.

"Yes, and can putting back together when done. Is just some power adaptions being superfluous. If getting rid of heat dump, can ramp this thing up, point five cee."

"We need the heat dump or the wiring will melt!"

"No, see. If putting direct conduit along vacuum, the heat cooling engine and after, you just needing insulation on wiring. We close enough to hull that conduction taking care of most waste heat. You really wanting vent it into atmospheric conditioners?" Human Andi gestured at the current rigging. "Most of it getting lost in pipes. Wasteful."

"No. No! It's efficient. We use the excess heat all over the ship. Pipes warm, we're warm."

"Difference negligible. You watching. Andi fix."

"Andi, no..."

"Andi yes."

The most annoying part was, ninety-nine percent of the time, Human Andi was correct. It was the outlying one percent that was the doozy. Ending in explosions, a cheerful, "Whoops," and once Human Andi had picked themselves out of the smouldering wreckage, the announcement of, "Thinking knowing where went wrong!"

Wherever Human Andi went, they came with a warning for Captains and crew to be certain that they had a spare engine for Human Andi to practice on.

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / Lester120]

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