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War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.- gesh xenobiologist -- Anon Guest

[AN: Since the Gesh are someone else's IP, I can't slot them into my Universe, but I know nothing of this world, so...]

Call me Combat. Since the first RNA chains struggled to combine in the first primordial ooze, I have been. I have not been engaged in activity, I just... existed. Divinities do not say, I think, therefore I am. They say, I am that I am.

I am. I am fight. I am battle. I am... War.

For countless millennia, I watched and fed myself from the small creatures that struggled against the environment, that struggled against predators. That struggled against each other for more, for better, for another hour... I watched as creatures grew, competed, fought to eat. Fought to live. I watched cataclysm after cataclysm wipe the slate clean.

Then, a new development. Some creatures became smarter. They created. They thought. With thought, came... hate. They had reasoning, so they made reasons to make battle with others of their own kind. Because they were from far away, because the hue of their skin was different, because they were there.

Never before had I known such a luxurious feast. Battle with reasoning behind it is the most wonderful thing. Their reasons are spurious, of course. Skin colour, creed, legal systems... they're all the same kind, but they fight because of these reasons anyway. They fight to have the most of their tokens of exchange.

It's ridiculous and I love it. Their tokens aren't even based on material wealth. They're imaginary numbers that don't even matter. Those who have the most could easily solve all the reasons for battle in the world, they could destroy me with a finger... but they don't, because their greed is such that having more is always better.

I love them.

I love them so much.

I find ways to influence them, here and there. They don't need very much encouragement to hate and fight. Just them being different from us and that being a great offence to all right-thinking citizens everywhere. There are so many right-thinking citizens on all sides.

These creatures make me. They feed me. They worship me. They play with me on their clever devices. They dream me. I love them.

I love them, but if they continue in the way they are going...


They are doomed.

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / adrenalina]

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Sometimes I wonder what War will get up to when all the humans are dead. Or maybe everything will just get virtualised so people can be brutal to each other for no reason without actually being brutal to each other? XD

Man-children losing on virtual combat games are WAY more brutal than any other creature I've witnessed. If all war goes virtual, it may be an improvement to the world. I'm not certain though...

I'm not a words-have-power kinda person so people not randomly dying collaterally seems better to me :) And on the man-children, well I just laugh at them.

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