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"I'm just joking!… Unless you're down for it." -- TheDragonsFlame

Evidently, Thrass had been contemplating too long. "I am still positing the logistics," she said. "I need time, please."

Human Josh quelled in her place. "Sorry."

Thrass and Human Josh had been through a great deal together. War, survival, relying on each other's strengths and supporting each other's weaknesses. They had really bonded on the long, exhausting, trying trip from the wreck of their ship to the relative safety of the Edge Territories. If Thrass decided to journey any further towards her home, she would have to leave Human Josh behind.

That... didn't sit well.

There had been several proposals that she and Human Josh had been 'spitballing' about over the last, safer legs of their journey. They could start a small business together. They could make a shared habitat and keep cats. They had the experience and resources to start pretty much anything they wanted, with the corollary responsibilities to take care of, too. They could do it. They were capable.

But that wasn't the question at hand.

The question was much smaller. Much closer to home. Much more indicative of Thrass' willingness to take a potentially dangerous risk. She had data. She had evidence. She had studies for proof, but... it was still a dangerous risk.

On the other hand, it would prove to this Human, this loyal, crazed, empathetic, and violently protective Deathworlder that Thrass was ready to go with Human Josh and to do the other things. Not because they were at all easy, but because they were worth it.

And they were worth it.

Thrass made up her mind. "I am, as you say, 'down for' an ice cream cherry soda."

Human Josh's smile was worth more than anything.

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Who would not be down for an ice cream cherry soda.

Okay maybe I'd have a different flavour because I don't like cherries but the principle remains XD

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