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the Galactic allegiance was used to most of the human emotional quirks, they knew about our anger, and packbonding, our mental illnesses like depression, and how small things and gestures can bring us joy, and especially our compassion.
but they had never experienced human indifference. Especially when confronted with those that had caused great pain.
Humans have the capacity to just not give a damn -- Adam in Darwin

Of all the Human reactions that could have occurred when the Vol'nath Empire collapsed, the last thing they expected was, "Meh."

The most they could get out of a human was sentiments like, "Saw it coming," or "Overdue," or, "Bound to happen." But, by and large, all they got was, "Meh."

It had perplexed the other species of the Alliance. They vividly recalled numerous times when the Humans had rushed to aid the Vol'nath. They had been tireless in saving the poor, the downtrodden, the disaster-stricken, and desperate. They had worn themselves to rags to try and warn, to try and ameliorate the inevitable collapse.

Now that it had happened, there were no calls to action. There were no rushes to provide aid. There were no appeals to other species' greater nature.

"Aren't you going to go save the Vol'nath Empire?" asked one Jaagrushi of hir Human Captain.

Captain Jane, watching the news as it unfurled, called up screens and screens of other scenes. Vol'nath expatriates, building new worlds. Making new homes. Growing fresh food. Helping each other.

"We already saved the important bit," she said.

"But... the Emperor's family line. The regency! The highborn families! What of their legacy?"

"They're stewing in it," said Captain Jane, gesturing at the news. "They pissed in this bed, now they can sleep on the wet spot."

"What of the Child Emperor?"

"The Child Emperor and his insidious damn advisors can go fuck 'emsleves," said Captain Jane.

"But... we saw you try for so long..."

A sigh. "We tried to save a culture, and we did. We tried to save it by getting those self-absorbed, self-indulgent, self-important assholes to pull their heads out of their rears and actually shape up. We failed."

The Jaagrushi watched in horror as Captain Jane turned off the news and turned to watch the scenes of worlds being build anew. "But--"

"They had their chances." Captain Jane took a bottle out from under her seat and took a pull straight from the container.

It was a rare and horrible thing to see her drink on duty. "Fuck 'em." Swig. "Fuck 'em all."

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Least they saved the important bits, that's not a failure.

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