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Aliens: "We don't know why everyone calls humans wild and crazy these guys just huddle together and whisper all the time"
Small band of humans: All terrified of the giant cockroaches but trying very hard not to cause an international incident -- OohLookShiny

They had expected resistance. They had expected a fight. Even though this was clearly a mercy mission, they expected the Humans to 'kick up a stink'. They knew that these were crazed Deathworlders who liked, very much, to keep what they had taken.

The Todeans worked quickly, using a combination of their natural and artificial armours to get between the helpless amongst the Humans and the fire from the attacking Vorax. They took care to rescue as much as possible. Children, parents, pets, valuable trinkets. Everything. Though the priority was with the living, of course.

They didn't understand why the Humans in their holds were so quiet. They were renowned for being initially hostile to creatures Other than Human. Especially when such creatures were historically despised, like creatures of the Todean physical model. They huddled together in groups, whispering amongst themselves in a language that the Todeans did not understand.

And fled very quickly to the safe confines of a Human evacuation vessel.

They had done their best, providing compatible refreshments and offering comfort. Perhaps these Humans understood that the Todeans were trying their best.

Generations later, when the Humans were finally welcomed into the Galactic Alliance, the new examples reacted in a similar way to the Todeans. Not making any sudden moves, talking very quietly, and seeking comfort from soft or fluffy beings when other Humans were not available.

It took some time, and a lot of translation, for the Todeans to understand that Humans were pathologically terrified of huge cockroaches. The bigger, the more terrifying they were.

Todeans, peaceful insectoid Havenworlders all, terrified the excrement out of the average human.

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