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I'll burn that bridge when I get to it. -- TheDragonsFlame

Gorx halted in mid-step. "Surely the Human phrase is, I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Is it not so?"

Human Warin stopped for hir. "Not today. Keep moving. I'll explain on the way." He waited for Gorx to get moving again. "What I just said is a malapropism. A mixing of metaphorical sayings for humour or -in this case- appropriate action." He broke off to race ahead and clear the next junction. "This is a situation where we deal with problems as we encounter them..."

Explosions went off behind them, causing the emergency safety locks to seal off the corridor they had just traversed. "And make sure the path we just travelled can't be travelled again. Crossing that bridge when we get to it, burning bridges behind us. It's quicker."

"Except when you have to explain these things to non-humans," allowed Gorx.

"Well, yes. That only slows things down a little." Five rounds rapid took care of a distant Vorax scout. "On the other hand, we're great multitaskers, so it doesn't impede us that much." Without permission, Human Warin lifted Gorx off hir feet and flung hir through the air so that ze landed neatly on the cushions of an evac pod.

Gorx, once ze realised that ze was safe, was treated to the sight of a Human dual-wielding rapid-fire weapons at a host of Vorax and making their way towards the pod via a series of small turns on the balls of his feet. Not one Vorax got within three SDU of Human Warin.

Human Warin's last act on the remains of Farlook Station was to leave a timed explosive device behind. Then he was into the pod and activating it. He strapped himself and Gorx in and gave the hind-look window what had to be an obscene gesture.

"Suck on that, squidbugs."

The station was exploding in various places as the pod launched, thus ensuring that whatever the Vorax had come for, they would both not get it and pay a high price for even trying. Humans had been employing scorched land strategies since before their industrial era. It was only natural that they brought such things along to even crueller environments than their origin planet.

And yet, Gorx was reassured that these particular Deathworlders were on their side. Humans also possessed a finely-honed sense of justice and could enact it with sides of revenge served at absolute zero. Gorx would be one among the many who would endorse Humans as protectors in the Edge Territories, and would possibly spend hir life telling others why it was a good idea to stay on the Humans' good side.

And with that in mind, Gorx said, "Thank you. For saving my life."

"That's my job this week," sighed Human Warin, coming down from his adrenaline rush. "Just wish I could have saved more."

How very human.

[AN: Big thanks to Warren Goddard who bought me a coffee today! You've guest starred as Human Warin, space marine.]

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / artshock]

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