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“You’re risking the lives of millions - millions of lives! - for the sake of one.”
“Damn right I am! And besides, I promised I’d get you out of this mess alive, didn’t I?” -- Anon Guest

"But... the needs of the many," objected Koraz.

"Flakk the needs of the many, I made a promise." Human Kaf had his head down and his shoulders hunched. "I keep my word. Wanna fight me about that?"

"No," sighed Koraz with a roll of hir eyes. "You'd render me unconscious and continue with your reckless plan anyway."

"Exactly," said Human Kaf. "Now we have established why it's pointless to argue with a Human... why are you doing it?"

"I want it on record that I objected."

"Noted and flakkin' logged." Human Kaf finished their calculations. "Buckle up and take your calm meds. This is going to get hairy."

And considering that they had already strafed a Vorax warship and dodged several Interceptors to get this far, Koraz echoed: "Get?" in an incredulous voice.

And then Human Kaf hit the Init button. G-forces, carefully under Koraz's upper limits, assaulted them both. Human Kaf could certainly take stronger G-forces, but he had promises to keep. Koraz kept hir eyes on the tactical display, and was surprised to see their path cutting a swathe out of the Interceptor fleet before they plunged into the wormhole.

"What?" managed Koraz.

"Any propulsion system that's interesting enough to get anywhere can also be weaponised," grinned Human Kaf. "I got a whole bunch of them with force and exhaust wash. Most of them were sent pinwheeling into their mother ships. They'll be in a mess for the time it takes to get backup out there."

Which meant a ship to Upside-Down station at the Nexus in Hyperspace. Getting the message out and -likely- passing Koraz along on safe passage to civilised space.

Koraz didn't doubt that Human Kaf would turn back and re-join the fray. Humans were almost obsessively warlike.

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