Challenge #02013-E189: Order in Court

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Not mine, but by randomacts13.

“Humans survived the volatile early years of their species rise through community-bonding. They put the needs of a group of individuals over all else; hunting as a group, eating as a group, raising families as a group, and sometimes dying as a group. This tendency to form strong bonds means that while a human’s signed contract can always be trusted. It also means that a human cannot be trusted to not rip that contract up and say “Fuck it” if an individual with whom they have a community-bond is in danger. ” -- Anon Guest

"Human Sor. You are being tried for violations of your contract with Traffic Inc. Cited in the complaint is failure to deliver cargo. How do you plead?"

"That cargo was a bunch of cogniscents!"

"Guilty or not guilty," sighed Judiciary Splev. Ze rather despised having humans in hir court. They didn't understand so much of proper society.

"Not guilty."

Their lawyer listened to this and said, "Clearly, your honour, the Human doesn't understand the finer points of contract law..."

"I understand a great deal more than you lot do," Human Sor protested. "They were taking cogniscents to a meat processing factory because the Thrand'l classed them as cattle! They have a language! Sure, I don't understand a lot of it, but the Thrand'l never tried. Just because they don't have housing technology doesn't mean they're animals!"

"The classification of cogniscent life barely includes yourself, Human Sor," Judiciary Splev sneered. "The exhibit has yet to say anything in its own defence."

And then Exhibit A, labled undelivered live cargo, looked to Human Sor and said, "Time is talking now, yes?"

Human Sor looked at Judiciary Splev with an air of cool contempt. "I rest my case and fuck you sideways."

This was why Judiciary Splev despised Humans. They created all manner of new problems.

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"I rest my case and fuck you sideways."

Totally worth going for contempt of court for XD