Challenge #01989-E165: Pax Paradoxical

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There is one place where nearly all species cohabit. It's not some planet capital or forsaken space station. It's a spa resort. This artificial planet is ideally place to naturally accommodate all type of species, with a wide range of temperature, humidity and luminosity. And when nearly 30% of your customers are part of the most "dangerous" Deathworlders, and high figure of all species came regularly here, let's say that it's also the safest place in existence. -- Anon Guest

There's only one thing to do when one finds an uninhabited planet with numerous environments where multiple species would go to relax. Turn the entire thing into a planet-wide spa. Which is of course what Exploratory Entrepreneur Gax Folthoq did when she found a planet that Deathworlders, Havenworlders, and any species between those two extremes would find calming and relaxing.

They call it Resort, since names for new places are usually simple, descriptive, and to the point. And it has quickly become the place for most, if not all, species to comingle. There are sweat lodges at the snow-covered poles, alongside cabins where cogniscents of lower temperature ranges can enjoy scenery to which they are familiar. There are caves for the photophobic, lit by luminous fungi and bioluminescent insects. There are hot springs where those of warmer climes can unwind, oceans for the aquatic, and mountainous landscapes overlooking rippling plains of lavender-scented grass.

And in all of these picturesque environments, you will find humans. They are forbidden from activities that involve making things explode, but you will find them satisfying themselves in other ways. Most often, flinging themselves off of great heights.

Humans cannot fly unassisted. Therefore, they have invented assorted means to zip through the air. Either by riding artificial wings or assorted methods of falling with style.

Humans cannot survive for extended periods in the cold. Therefore, they invented clothing to regulate their temperature in extreme weather[1], equipment by which to traverse difficult terrain, and equipment to preserve their vision.

Humans cannot see in the dark. Therefore, they invented assorted means to assist them in the murky gloom of the underground.

Humans cannot survive underwater. Therefore, they invented crush-resistant livesuits with osmosis breather packs to make certain that they could.

You cannot prevent a Human from going wherever they whist. Even Humans have attempted to prevent other Humans from exploring a new frontier. Numerous Human lives have been lost to the spirit of exploration or, as it may be observed, hubris in the face of clear and present danger.

That said, there is little on Resort that could endanger a Human life. Those endlessly resilient Deathworlders will go where Nature clearly doesn't want them, just to see what's there[2]. The shallow oceans of Resort do not test Human ingenuity. They long ago conquered the challenges of their own depths and some even find the low-light conditions of the deepest portions of Resort's oceans to be vaguely disappointing.

This is, of course, a species that goes trash collecting in the Marinaras Trench for fun and bragging rights.

It was quite a surprise to Entrepreneur Folthoq to discover that Humans went on adventures as a means of relaxation. So, in order to entertain the Humans, she seeded the planet with relatively inaccessible 'treasures'. They were another Human invention - the Folly. Artificial ruins, art installations, carved effigies, and cave paintings. There is a famous carving of Entrepreneur Folthoq in a falloff cliff that bears a plaque.

It reads: Look upon my works, oh ye mighty, and have a chuckle. I am here to entertain.

Some Humans even appreciate the joke.

Alas, it is vitally necessary to leave evidence that these installations are installations, because another thing that Humans entertain themselves with is an amazingly ludicrous conspiracy theory.

[1] Note for Galactic Newcomers: Assorted species' definitions of "extreme weather" vary according to their native planet, and can range anywhere between a stiff breeze to conditions in which permanent structures are obliterated.
[2] The Human philosophy in a nutshell: go where you can't, poke what you shouldn't, and lick just about everything you find along the way. To see why, of course.

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