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humans have a passionate love affair between guns and explosions.
so much so that they decided to combine the two in fun and interesting ways -- Anon Guest

Offensensitivity Warning: Loud noises, sudden flashes of light, and human mirth at same.

Parent File: Mythbusters.

Contents: Humans test human myths by taking their mythos to the extreme. Frequent use of loud, fast projectile weapons, rockets, and bombs. The humans on record and viewing these files find the content highly amusing.

Case file #G45-0Y8-39F - Compilation. Music is Ode to Joy and plays over a montage of explosions and collisions that have made the recorded humans laugh. Contains - the vaporisation by explosion of a cement truck, the vaporisation by collision of a family car, the attempted launch of a car by JATO rockets, a hot water heater moderated into becoming an unpredictable rocket, a human simulacrum launched into oblivion by way of a chair attached to rockets, and several collisions between pre-shattering Terran land vehicles.

Recommended for: Havenworlder toughness training level 2, as the music alleviates some of the stress inherent in the destruction viewed. Not fit for simultaneous exposure to humans until level 6.

All this, T'tok read before entering the toughness training suite. There was a Medik on hand who was already immune to the content, and was ready to monitor T'tok's distress signs and cut off the feed at a second's notice. All necessary precautions for a havenworlder attempting to harden up their genome via epigenetics.

No matter what a species' needs, the humans always seemed to have a solution ready for them.

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