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Your annual festival of re-birth is celebrated by eggs laid by a rabbit! -- Anon Guest

"With," corrected Shayde. "It's celebrated with eggs that're hidden by a rabbit. Yer pretty close though. Gold star fer tryin'."

Behind her, just out of restraining reach, Rael breathed out. The confused statement of brand-new Ambassador G'thox were not, in fact, fighting words. If they had come out of someone trying to start a fight, it might have been a different story.

Shayde had over-the-horizon radar for people wanting to start a fracas, and a very helpful attitude that Security Services were still attempting to curb. Especially accompanied by general enquiries as to whether their mother could sew, pal.

Ambassador G'thox remained unaware that ze was chatting amiably to the Human Ambassador with -let's call it- the most explosive potential. And there were still too many people between Rael and the unfolding potential in front of his eyes.

"I remain confused. How is a rabbit the herald of a springtime ceremony directly linked with the public execution of a real life religious leader?"

Shayde grinned. It was not the grin that automatically came with a burning fuse. This was, oddly enough, Shayde in Teacher Mode. Rael had never witnessed it before. "The brief explanation is 'cultural appropriation', ye want the long one?"

"Yes please," said G'Thox.

"Reet. Rewind human history to the first-tae-third century CE. Christianity is in its infancy an' they're doin' all they can to sweep up converts and become the next big thing, ye ken. They could'nae get th' pagan crowds in with austerity, so they started usin' other stuff tae lure 'em in. Hot cross buns, usin' pagan symbols 'n' all. Eggs were a metaphor for life from th' tomb... And before ye knew it, the rabbit was hidin' eggs tae celebrate the death an' resurrection of a bloke who just wanted folks tae be nicer to each other." Shayde thought about this for a handful of seconds, "And who may have invented passive resistance."

"Your chief religious figure invented passive resistance on a Deathworld?"

"Oh aye. This was after my lot became apex predators, ye ken. Our worst threat was each other."

Ambassador G'Thox pondered this as Rael agitatedly attempted to dodge the crowds so he could be within restraining distance of Shayde. "Ah," said G'Thox. "Now I understand why your species is, simultaneously: insane, dangerous, and mostly harmless."

Shayde burst out in raucous laughter. "Aye, tha's us."

It was only after the party that Rael learned that Shayde would never hurt an innocent.

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Rael obviously needs to work on his crowd sliding skills XD