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Humans are social creatures. Even the solitary ones. - MolluscsAndMonsters

Humans like me have a saying: No man is an island. Or words to that effect. And... they're right. Even antisocial assholes like me need to brush shoulders with other cogniscents now and again.

But that's why I have the mail run to the cul-de-sac strings. You get wormhole chains like those. Places where it's ten or more jumps to any nexus, anywhere, and the places along the trip are the places that people come from rather than go to. And the people who choose to live there? They're always glad to see people like me.

Just like the ancient Pony Express or the Wells Fargo Wagon of old, these are folks that are more isolated from Galactic Society than I am. They get entertainments in season binges. Updates by the year if they're lucky. Everything cool is expensive, and they often have their own fashion, and seek news of the latest thing that, by the time I reach the end of the cul-de-sac, is months out of date.

And then I spend a patch of time in a place less travelled, quietly gathering information, entertainments, non-perishable orders, until another trip is viable.

I get all the social interaction I want. Which is no crowds, a brief chat with the station postmasters down the chain, and the occasional checkup/wellness visit from my assigned medical technician. And my cat.

Cats are the best. They don't demand a conversation, but you can have one anyway. And there's nothing like waking up to a weight on your chest, whiskers in your face, and a paw batting gently at your eyes to let you know that it's time to get up and feed him. Cats are way better than any old alarm clock any day.

No human is alone. Not completely. Sure, there are those who prefer their own company. But you know what? They always find ways to get more company when they're good and ready. And in the meantime? There's always cats.

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