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From the world of five Gods. A God whose harvest of souls includes those whose last words were. "Ho lads! Hold my ale and watch this!" -- Knitnan

[AN: That description doesn't exactly fit that world... or the Gods]

Where there is a will, there is a way, and where there is a niche, there is a God. There is a Goddess of Fields and Flowers. There is a Goddess of Motherhood and another of Fertility. Sometimes, they pinch-hit for each other. These are realms in which feminity is expected, and downright necessary. For patrilineal societies, there is definitely a Goddess of Virginity.

What is unexpected is the one known informally as the Goddess of Fools. The more formal name for her is She of Ale-Soaked Dares. Or, She They Strive For.

Because ale-addled men will do anything for a shapely lady, or a comely face, or an interesting combination anywhere near the two. Ale and testosterone are lethal combinations, especially when attempting to impress a potential mate. Most men that young and that foolhardy also falsely believe that they are immortal, and thus haven't sworn to any particular God.

Darv had just attempted to toboggan down the multiple slopes of the City Hall roof. It was slight trouble to pull himself out of the snowdrift, and the girls he'd been trying to impress were looking horrified. "I'm okay," he boasted.

No, said a warm and affectionate voice behind him. You're Not.

He looked. She was every man's dream. Buxom. Stacked. Beautiful. And not entirely dressed for the weather. Her diaphanous gown almost showed off more than a few of her secrets. Darv found himself smiling for her. "Hi there," he said. "Why haven't I seen you around?"

I Am Everywhere, she said. And I Thank You For Your Sacrifice.

"My..." The snow under him was steaming and turning pink. He looked down. Where his mortal remains had encountered a buried mile-marker head-first. "Oh."

You Are Mine, said the Goddess of Fools. And You Will Come With Me To Paradise.

Darv spared a moment's thought for what his heaven might be like. Lots more ale. Lots of available ladies who were willing to like him despite his spots and awkwardness. Lots of occasions for him to show off his prowess. Lots of fun and carefree days and interesting nights.

He took the Goddess' hand. Eagerly. "Will you be there?"

In All That Exists There.

He didn't think about the consequences of what he was leaving behind. The men who belonged to that Goddess never thought about the consequences. It was how they became her Sacrifices.

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