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“Wait... you mean to tell me that this is the ‘terrifying predator’ we’ve been searching for?” -- TheDragonsFlame

Eyes glowed in the dark. Human Grif trained her spotlight on them and found, "Aw, it's a kitty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty..."

The creature in the darkness slinked out into the light, making a "Mrrp?" sound as it came.

Human Grif made kissy noises, and tore off a tiny piece of jerky as an offering. Before long the cat was smudging up to her as if they were long-lost friends.

The Sculids of the remaining crew stood agog, some choosing to stay safe in their hiding-holes. "That is a pet-beast of your kind?"

"Ooza goo' kitty?" gushed Human Grif. "Ooza goo' kitty? You is! Essoo'iz... Essoo'iz... Essoo'izza goo' kitty." The cat, purring up a storm, was attempting to kill Human Grif's hand. And by all signs, both were enjoying the interplay. Grif turned to smile at her crew. "This is what you're afraid of? It's just a li'l ole kitty cat. They're great for getting rid of vermin like birds, bugs, lizards, and mi--" she caught herself just in time. The Sculid crew had been identified by her as 'mouse people' on their first interview. They might remember. And she could get in big trouble for that kind of thing. "My, my, you'd be surprised at how much small vermin they can kill."

Her crew let her have that as a diplomatic win. "That creature is biological pest control?"

"Only the best," said Grif, giving the feline a scritch between its ears. "If you and yours feed this lovely creature, they should stop chasing you so much and start begging for table scraps. Though... if you flash your tails around, nothing will stop..." Grif checked. "Her."

"We shall armour our tails and feed this beast," allowed Captain Kri'ik. "Then it will hunt for us?"

"Yup," said Grif. "And I'll keep a heating pad in my room so she'll have somewhere safe to stay." Safe for her crew, of course. The cat was never in any danger.

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LoL "my my" nice save human XD