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Mutual responsibility, when both the government and the governed rely on each other. -- Anon Guest

"Ask any guy in a bar, and he already knows how to run this country better than any schmo in office. So to that point, I am making all our laws, all our policies clear. Including nationwide reform and initiating a coherent set of laws for all states and counties in our beautiful country. If you care about how this country is run, tell us the good things that are being done. Tell us the bad things that need to change. We've even set up an app that lets you, the everyday citizen, have your say. Once a day, you open up the app, fill in the form, and we will listen."

The crowd roared.

"In just a few days, this Sunday, we will hold a nation-wide referendum. Every public school, every public library, will be open for twenty-four hours. So that you, the people who care about this country, can vote as to whether this app becomes a legal means of petitioning our government. Every citizen who cares will have their say, but this vote will cut the red tape..."

Amongst some, they were the least popular leader of that century. Amongst many more, they were the most popular. It did not take a genius to realise that this leader was unpopular amongst the oligarchy for taking the money out of politics. For instituting referendum and initiative. For making voting more accessible to all citizens.

And because they made their word law, because they kept things transparent, because they trimmed excess, excessive, and ridiculous laws from the ledgers, the people loved them. The oligarchs hated them. Because of the Robin Hood tax, because of Guaranteed Basic Income, because of instituting actual reforms in prison complexes, rather than meaningless punishment.

But there were boons for the oligarchs, if they were smart enough. Those who watched the public polls saw the political wind turn towards legalising drugs, and began research into which drugs could be useful for what applications, and others invested in rehabilitation clinics where addicts could get their stash evaluated according to its content and exchanged for a cleaner, safer supply.

There were those who saw the need for actual, scientific studies into which diets worked best for what types of people, and put their funding directly into double-blind tests. And then invested in the diet plans with the greatest success.

Money had stopped talking, but the smart money was in listening.

Schools stopped being prison pipelines and began becoming investment opportunities. Where education was tailored to a child's understanding level, rather than their age. Where tests were minimised almost to the point of obscurity, and applicable aptitude was valued in its stead.

Their nation, on the very cusp of collapse, became smarter, more resourceful. More stable.

Their nation, for the first time, became great.

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