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“Humans? We are the most dangerous animal on earth. Not shark, not bear, not anything else. Us. Other animals, they kill when they need to, and only then. Kill for food, or for protection. We kill when we think we need to, kill when we want to... It is not the same.” -- Anon Guest

Humans are dangerous. The Galactic Alliance knows this. Having seen human transmissions, both of fantasy and fact, they know that humans are indomitable, hazardous, and insane. But they are still learning how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In the Galactic Alliance, Humanities has an entirely different meaning.

Reports come in, as they always do, about the human culture. This one comes with ominous words. The most dangerous thing to humans is other humans. File after file comes in. Domestic abuse. Serial killings. Mass shootings. Abductions. Torture. Religious extremism. Fighting for peace.

Humans killed their own. Not for defense. Not for any kind of need. But for the feeling of being powerful. They hurt and harmed each other for the same reason. They harmed the innocent and the helpless for any kind of reason. The strong preyed upon the weak because they were strong, and the weak were taking too many airs, according to them.

Some killed because they had a gun and couldn't get a date. They killed because someone told them 'no'. Because someone else got the job they thought was their right. Because someone ignored them. Because they lost at a video game. In short, they killed because they were angry, and didn't want any healthier way of venting their emotions. Because guns were the way their heroes solved everything. Because death was power.

Humans were insane. And their willful murder of the young and the weak was solid proof.

So when humanity colonised other worlds, it was cause for alarm. These dangerous, cogniscidal species was out of their home star system. The odds of them meeting the citizens of the Galactic Alliance grew with each world that began transmitting their omnicidal 'entertainments'.

Humans were monsters. And some were fascinated by that monstrousness.

And then, one day, the inevitable happened. A human ship ran into a Galactic one. Literally. And instead of swarming the Galactics with blood in their eye and foam in their mouths, instead of charging in with guns blazing and wiping out civilisation as it was known... The humans helped. They were kind. They tried to understand. They were gentle.

Humans changed themselves by making worlds in their own image. They became more civilised. Or they were hypnotised by their own species' deadliness and made entertainments about that which fascinated them. Either way it was eventually accepted that the Killer Human was the aberration and not the norm.

Only some were monsters. Humanity tried to do its best to isolate those monsters before they wrought too much damage. Placed them where they could be the most valuable. Set them loose on those who refused to listen. Used them to enforce the Pax Humanis.

Sometimes called the Pax Terrorist. For reasons that quickly became obvious the more one could stand studying the fallout.

Humans are dangerous. This is true. They have dangerous ideas. Brilliant, but dangerous. They have dangerous hobbies. They have thrillseekers. And they have cogniscidal maniacs. Kept comfortable. Just in case they're needed.

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