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Trades and hobbies have specialist language often the same word can mean completely different things. "Galley", a type of ship, a pre-publishing book or article, a place where Artwork is displayed. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny, you have confused "galley" with "gallery" there]

From the Dictionary of Confusing Slang on the free infonet:

Face: (n)

  1. Application of stage makeup for a performance (theatrical)
  2. Application of makeup for business (civilian human female, pre-Shattering)
  3. Painting on protective boards to make a construction site more appealing at street level (construction)
  4. (abbrv.) Elaborate architectural front of a building (orig. Façade)
  5. A majority collection of sense and communication organs, usually located on the head
  6. (syn) Dignity, respect of others (use: To save face.)
  7. An aspect of oneself or an attitude that one uses in specific social situations (use: "Game faces on, people!", A poker face.)

Face (v)

  1. To turn a majority of one's organs in a specific direction (use: to face the wall)
  2. To turn one's entire body in a specific direction (use: face that way to exit)

The confused new Ambassador that Shayde had been showing around - with Rael as a translator - pointed to the entry on hir data reader. "Please? Which one is she used?"

Rael considered the list. Considered Shayde's accent. Considered the peculiar dialect that she spoke, and the lengths she went to in order to entertain herself. Including differing pronunciations from the norm, which always got the local SPOEns riled. Put together every clue he had at his disposal to divine meaning out of Shayde's most recent nonsensical aside.

For which, it must be noted, she had paused in the hopes of someone else getting her joke.

"I'm very sorry, Ambassador," sighed Rael. "I believe Ambassador Shayde may have invented a new one."

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / rusak]

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