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[Person 1] “It’s no use! We’ll never make it in time!”
[Person 2] “Scoot over. I didn’t have my driving license revoked for nothing!” -- TheDragonsFlame

So. Let's recap. They were in what only appeared to be a Tuktuk, stuck in traffic, desperate to make it to the big public exposé to expose more than the badguy could ever want made public, and without much of a hope. Except the one that Els was uncannily good with machines and had been left alone with the Tuktuk for half an hour.

Dav clambered out of the driver's seat and buckled in. Five point harness. Always a bad sign. "If you get pulled over, I'm feigning some kind of attack so you have a good excuse."

"That's what friends are for!" Els opened up a mystery hatch in the dashboard and pressed a button. Pulled the wheel to one side, and started cackling.

Weirdly medieval music started playing to Dav's evident confusion. Followed by dawning horror when the rhythmic clapping started. "Not the Italian Job! Please!"

"This is a self-preservation society..."

Dav started screaming as Els started weaving through the pedestrian byways. Might as well get it over with early. Sooner or later, Els would pull a stunt that would make Dav pass out in sheer terror. Dav always argued that the screaming served as an extra warning for the innocent bystanders.

Els opined that there was no such thing as an innocent bystander. Els also held that architecture, sculpture, and random parts of nature could also be a road if one tried hard enough.

So it was no surprise that Els was the only one conscious when they arrived, and that the Tuktuk now also contained three different samples of hedge, at least one potplant, and a rather confused and terrified cat. Nevertheless, Els was able to take the damning evidence and add it to the stellar presentation and save the city from a mayor worse than death.

She wouldn't even joke about Dav wetting hirself. Well. Not too often.

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Amazing perfect poster thanks

So I had no idea what was going on at the beginning but I'm not sure if it matters too much. Love the description of the state of the Tuktuk when they finally got to their destination XD LoL poor cat and Dav.