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Inspired desperation, a great motivator when Procrastination has been your buddy. -- Anon Guest

The ships' human had two modes. "I'll get to it," and "Ah, shit, why didn't I get on this sooner?" Which, though entertaining to observe from a distance, was not always the best thing in an emergency. Or in any situation laced with urgency.

That said, the human was fantastic at pulling miracles out of nowhere when under stress. The rest of the crew merely wished that such things were available without the stress. Which was why they were having an intervention.

Human Dale took in the concerned Ch'nofran faces and sighed, "Aw man..." A deep breath. "I know how this is going to turn out. You're trying to intervene, and work out ways that I can be a better me and all that... And. Um. I'm a chronic procrastinator. I know this. I have tried... lots of things."

"We have drawn up a chart and schedule," said Thox. "If each of us motivate you to do a little of your needed tasks, then they can be accomplished with far less stress."

Human Dale sat next to their friend, Other Dayl. "I know you came up with this. It's great in theory. But what happens is you end up spreading the stress around to everyone else, which is way less healthy for you guys than it is for me. I'm... used to this. You're not."

"Perhaps an artificial sense of urgency for you?"

"Only works if I don't know it's artificial. And you're all horrible actors."

"A tightening of the time windows? Give you only one hour more than you need?" suggested Other Dayl.

Human Dale paused. Thought about it. "Okay. Let's try that one."

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