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A Human is patting an alien animal when they suddenly notice the rest of the away team is hiding behind the largest rock they could find. -- Fliss

"Oozagoo' critter? Oozagoo' critter?" Baz continued chucking the alien life form under its chin. Its hind leg waved vaguely in self-scratching motions. "You is! Essoo'iz! Essoo'iz! Esso'iz such'a good critter..." Baz paused from adoring the alien beastie to check on her team of alleged xenobiologists.

They were all hiding behind a rock and some had their stunners drawn. Lots of them were taking their survival meds.

"Guys?" said Baz. "What the flakk?"

The toughest of the non-humans switched on the in-helm comms. They were talking in a soft and calm voice. The sort of voice someone would use to talk a small, panicked child, out of holding a loaded Uzi. "Human Baz, that scans as a very dangerous predator. It has poison sacs, sharp teeth, and claws. We've picked up similar animals going at land speeds that none of us can match."

"Well, this one's a complete softie. Ain'cha? Ain'cha? Ooza big ol' softie den? Duzzoo wanna belly rub? Oo wantsiz diddwe bewwy wubbed..."

The most dangerous known predator on the planet was on its back and squirming with delight while it made happy gargling noises.

Behind the rock, the assembled scientists agreed. The 'no pets' policy was going to remain ironclad. Even if their human insisted that this hazardous creature was a 'big old softie/sook/couch potato'.

No arguments. No crocodile tears. No whining.

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