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Human Chat System. A system allowing humans to chat between themselves. You can find anything on it : Forum about beautiful location in space, information on xenos food, latest news of the Human Colonies and Prima Terra, and more importantly, a place to discuss this "Space Orcs" thing. -- Anon Guest

Username: twitchywitchygrl

Password: *********

Welcome to Human Chat! Please wait while we locate your nearest, most active chatroom.

:: Connect2 FarFromHome

Connecting to FarFromHome. Searching for active chatrooms.

FarFromHome 12 connected.

twitchywitchygrl: Hey guys. I got a question for y'all.

fluffyboi: Yo

twitchywitchygrl: I got a bunch of chicken ppl callin me a Space Orc

RichFindz: das racits

Malleo: Ur racist

unicron345987: fuk rasitc

fluffyboi: Way 2 smash keyboard noob

fluffyboi: @twitchywitchygrl - can't spell? won't spell?

twitchywitchygrl: NGL don't wanna try

unicron345987: fuk u rasist acehul

twitchywitchygrl: I wanna know about the Space Orc thing

RichFindz: It's racist

fluffyboi: it came from US

fluffyboi: we calld ourselvs space orcs

RichFindz: OMG WE"RE [email protected]

fluffyboi: do everyone a favour and flakk off

twitchywitchygrl: yea flakk off

RichFindz: U flakk off

randorando: i luv this chat we hav so much in common

fluffyboi: 9_9

fluffyboi: Yea NEway

fluffyboi: Key 2 it is... we tuff

Malleo: How tuff R we?

fluffyboi: pretty flakkin tough TBH

twitchywitchygrl: Yea i ate like pineapple toast & the chickens wnet wild

RichFindz: das ablist

Disconnecting from Human Chat. Sorry to see you go.

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / kentoh]

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