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There are three! I mean three Tardises parked in the car-park - in the Director's, and The Chairman's spaces and now all three of Him are arguing with themselves and waving their sonics at each other. -- Anon Guest

"I'm here to right a grievous wrong."

"I'm here to right a grievous wrong."

It was a three-way Gallifreyan stand-off. All on the set. All between people who looked remarkably similar to the actors who had played them. Tensions were high. And at any second, one of them would criticise the other's fashion sense.

"At least I don't look like I fell backwards through a Hot Topic," said one. And then it was on.

"No, you look like you stole your look from a hospital. Again."

"Well at least I don't dress like a fell into a Goodwill reject bin."

They started arguing on top of each other. An escalating cacophony of argument, counter-argument, and interjection. All at once.

One of the writing staff was busy taking notes. "I always suspected he secretly hated himself."

Security finally arrived. "Can I help you gentlemen?" said the spokesgoon.

Three voices turned into one, "Where's the one you call Moffat?"

"Uh oh," said the writer. "He's heard about some stuff."

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