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"You can't just get lucky and expect everyone to treat you like an expert!"
"Why not? That's what you did?" -- Anon Guest

Ambassador Shayde glared at the junior aide. "I'm no' merely lucky," she said. "I got into the Ambassador gig by pure accident. Fer all that's happened, I could'a well had a knowledge base that missed everythin' the Archivaas ever had. I could'a been dismissed as a dangerous fraud if I'd never met th' Consortium o' Steam or no' known one answer to th' damn pub quiz they had lockin' the Vault. So much could'a ended wi' me in some cell payin' fer all the Time spent on me."

"Isn't that the definition of luck?" asked Pendril. She was taking notes. Shorthand, judging by the way her eye jinked to little panels in her eyepiece. She had successfully guessed the last door code and was under strict sanctions to never do it again.

"It's no' luck," Ambassador Shayde insisted. "It's beyond luck. We'd need a new term fer what happened tae me. Uber-luck. Super-luck. Quantum fookain luck. Sommat like that."

More notes. "And despite all of that, this is where your -ah- blind spot is?"

"I'm a nerd, Pendril. Out an' out geek. If it were askin' aboot Captain Kirk's safe code, I'd have it in a cold second. If they asked the th' rules aboot savin' throws, it'd be right up me alley." She sighed and stared at the door in the Vault that remained resolutely shut. "I've got no fookain clue aboot what th' winnin' score fer Arsenal was in fookain nineteen sixty-eight..."

"Remind me? Which sport is Arsenal?"

"That's Soccer. Kickin' th' ball about while wearin' short shorts an' huggin' yer pal when it gets intae the goal." Her accent was toning down. Good. In a few moments, she'd actually feel the relaxation that indicated creeping in. "No hands on th' ball. Rowdy damn fans. Izzee United," she clapped four times, "Oi!"

Pendril's vambrace bleeped. "Ah. Good news. They've found a newspaper deposit in a dump site in West Essex. There's a chance we could find the answer."

"Yay," deadpanned Shayde. "I'm buggin' off tae areas where I'm useful."

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