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Why would you... even need to hoax a moon.
Like, if you had that ability. Why would you then do it. -- RecklessPrudence

Of all the realms of human insanity, the Flat Earth Society genuinely takes every cake. The lengths to which they would go to maintain an obviously disprovable belief are beyond Galactic credulity.

Frax had the misfortune to be seated next to a member of them on the way to Whistlestop Station. And this human would not be quiet about their belief. Which was supremely annoying to Frax. "We are approaching the station," she said. "You can look out the window and see it."

"The station is a hoax," said the annoying human. "What you're seeing is a three-D vid projection designed to conceal the real truth. The government decided long ago that intelligent life would be driven mad by reality."

"It's on a moon. You can see it. Separate from the planet. Look, it's casting a shadow."

"It's still a projection. Moons are hoaxes, too."

Frax could almost feel her brain melting. "How and why would anyone need to hoax a moon?"

The human had an easy answer, "To explain the holes in the sky."

Frax had had enough. "All right. So if we're all living on the same flat surface... what about the methane breathers?"

"Methane's a hoax, too."

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Nice one!
Nasa inteligent life i belive it's look like this one:


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