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It is so hard to eat just one peanut or popcorn. -- Anon Guest

The humans had a word for it. They had a word for lots of things. This one was 'more-ish'. As opposed to 'moorish', which meant 'a human with darker skin, usually originating from a specific area of the largest continent in the northern hemisphere', this one meant that the person eating the thing found it so tasty that they wanted... more.

One such food, easily digested even by Havenworlders, was popcorn. A simple carbohydrate that, shorn of it's aggressively hard shell, could be an easy food for anyone and everyone. The additions, however, were as wide and varied as the consumers. It is wise, therefore, for a cogniscent to sample flavoured popcorns before dedicating themself to a Minute Bucket.

Shayde had no such cautions. She had travelled much of Earth in her youth, and possessed the sort of curiosity that had her treading into places that gave the angels nightmares. Case in point, this particular concession booth called Eat Simple Food in one of the lower gravity sections of the Elemeno.

Most of it was popcorn, and lots of it was unusual colours.

"Bucket o' th' purple ones, thanks," she said, clicking a Minute coin on the counter.

Rael, who could read the Insecta GalStand on the placards, said, "Are you certain about that?" which was almost universally accepted code for, "Maybe that's an unwise choice."

She said, "Oh aye, I'm always up tae new experiences, me." She accepted the bucket and stuffed four pieces of the purple ones into her mouth.

He watched her face change from her usual cocky grin to a face of utter horror at what was inside her mouth.

She thrust the bucket into his hand and retched into a nearby waste receptacle.

The side of the Minute bucket said, Bet you can't eat just one! in a friendly font.

Well... technically... they were correct twice. Shayde couldn't eat just one, and Rael... could and would eat anything. In fact, he'd already started.

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