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Us humans have skin lotions and hair straighteners/curlers - what do other species do to improve the Outer Alien? -- Anon Guest

There are things you can sell anywhere. Popcorn, for example, is the only known deathworlder food that is so inoffensive that it can be sold to Havenworlders. Many more things change uses between species.

"What is this liquid?"

"We call it 'varnish'. It's a clear polymer coat that adds shine to static surfaces."

The Chitanian inspecting the merchandise alarmed the human by painting one of hir forearms.

"Yeah, that's not instant-drying and you could clog your breathing pores with that..."

"Shiny..." cooed the Chitanian. "Can you arrange for the instant-drying sort?"

"Nail polish," said the human. "We paint our fingernails for decoration."

"We shall need bigger bottles," said the Perissod. "Our keratinous structures are much larger." And not on their manipulating limbs, either. But rather on their faces.

"I'll see what we can arrange."

"Hair gel," said the human.

"Fantastic," murmured the Pterigot. "This is the best adhesive we had ever found!"

The human trader, who had given up at this point, merely thought, Havenworlders... and tried not to roll their eyes.

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