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English is also a loose cannon cop-on-the-edge who doesn't play by the rules and will do horrible, horrible things if it solves the short-term problem in front of him. -- RecklessPrudence

There are moments when words escape the speaker. Rational thought, too, takes a temporary holiday and necessity mothers a great deal of illogical invention.

"I need a new..." the next word fled to the furthest reaches of Kathmandu. "" What was the dang word for it? People were staring. She needed to make up something in a hurry. " spear..."

"I think you mean 'fork'," said her friend, passing her one.

"One day," she vowed, "they're going to find a cure for whatever just went wrong."

500 years later...

"Got a surprise for you, honey," she said.

"Yeah?" said her best friend for life. "Where'd you hide it?"

"It's right there on the..." the next word fled for the outer reaches of known space. " er... ah..." What was the Powers-cursed word for it? She had to think of something, and fast! "...elevated... stuff... platform..."

Chuckles. "Oh yes. The table. There it is."

"One day," she sighed, "they will find a cure for whatever it is I have wrong with me."

"Depends if it's actually wrong," offered her BFF.

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