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This is a quote from Patrick Swayze: "The way to screw up somebody's life is to give them what they want." -- Anon Guest

The woman in the beautiful dress picked her out from a line of other poor orphans, and promised Lux everything she could ever want. Lux had wanted to keep her more common name, but the glittering lady insisted that all of her life accessories had to fit her lifestyle, and thus renamed her new child Luxury. Her own name was Painite, one of the most expensive substances in the world. She wore it in every single outfit she owned.

Lux only saw her 'mother' on occasions where 'Nite paraded her in front of the press and Lux acted as if they were truly close. On the other occasions, she had a Nanny, personal trainer, acting trainer, voice coach, and personal chef/dietician to help fill her days. She had entire wardrobes of clothing, a library of toys, all the books she could eat... in short, everything she could want.

She even had a team of lawyers to keep her out of jail, when she started breaking the law. Thus, Lux began flaunting it. She barely remembered her youth as a person who suffered under the law, where she and anyone like her was automatically a 'criminal element'. She publically took drugs that people like her would be incarcerated for standing too close to them. She drove without a license. She indulged in extreme sports.

Without anything to do, without a purpose beyond part of her 'mother's life decorations. Lux sought out every thrill she could get. She made her 'mother' look bad by a peculiar kind of osmosis.

It was only in her forties, after her 'mother' passed, that she made herself set her own destiny. Her life had been a train wreck up until that point. She no longer had 'Nite's staff to tell her what to do, how to behave, or how to act despite the thrills she sought. Without any model to rebel against, Lux had to take control of her own life for a change.

It was a rough and difficult journey. Part of which involved becoming a genuine parent to an orphaned child of her own.

Lux made certain to give that child everything she needed.

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