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Oh, the tears of eldritch horrors? Yeah, those are technically a renewable resource. -- RecklessPrudence

"They weigh a third of a ton each, they're pure crystal and, when struck, emit an energy that can be harnessed by a sphere of aluminium. I mean, in the 1800's, that was impossible, but now..."

"Aluminium is everywhere. I get it. So how much energy can we extract from one of these things?"

"Uh... probably about 100 terawatts per tear."

"And there's twenty tears still extant in this world, right?"

"Twenty-one. They found one under a monastery in Tibet."

"That's still not enough to switch over. Once they're gone, then what?"

"That," grinned Mary Arthur, "is where my plan comes in. We summon, trap, and torture a minor eldritch horror and harvest the tears."

Charlie Ward pondered this. "I'm sure you make it sound easier than it is..."

"I've adapted plans for a summon-and-trap device from this journal from a survivor of the Margate Incident."

"This isn't one of those journals where they write their own screaming at the end of it, is it?"

Mary checked the final pages. "No. But even if the trap doesn't work, I have a dismissal engine that will work because it already has."

Charlie thought about this as they walked together. "You seem to have a lot of your bases covered."

"That's what happens when you send a woman in to do what men couldn't," she chirped.

"So... how are you going to torture it?"

"Bubblegum music with videos of kittens and puppies. Duh."

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