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How do you know I was cursing at you back then, love? You didn't speak my language yet, and I doubt you remember exactly what I said. For all you know I was paying you lots of loud, angry compliments. -grin- -- RecklessPrudence

"You forget," said Pal. "My livesuit was recording everything. I got a full translation in time, and you were cursing me out for everything under the sky."

T'tin was taken aback. "You knew what I was calling you, and you were still..."

"Attracted to you. Yes. Love is many things, and none of them are logical. Especially when humans are involved. You will note, however, I didn't start any romantic displays until well after you started liking me back."

The saurian, currently going through his human's collection of random memorabilia, paused in sorting out the refuse. "There are humans who attempt romantic overtures when the other party is clearly not interested?"

"Far too many. Especially in misogynistic communities."

"What does misogyny have to do with--" T'tin's brain caught up with his mouth. "Ah. Wait, I remember. A long history of disrespecting the child-bearers as insignificant objects. Which allowed the dominant society to think of outsiders to that society as objects as well."

"Unfortunately, yes," sighed Pal. He knelt by his mate and re-inserted an item into the keepsakes box. "That one's important, love."

"It's a pebble."

"Yes, but that pebble? That's the one that saved our lives, that time on Nimbus Three."

"You collected that?"

"For all you know."

[AN: Can we please kill the trope where a lady's open hostility in the first act is debunked by an inexplicable kiss(or sex) by the third act? It's my least favourite trope and it needs to die a savage death]

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