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And a third -- Gallifreya

It was literally the brightest outfit that Janice had ever seen. Lights and all. It included vibrant colours in the spaces between the tiny, laundry-proof LED's. There was even an alice band with lights in it.

"Mabel..." said Janice. "What the heck?"

"Oh, there's a shadow-girl in the neighbourhood. I'm helping her out today."

It didn't seem possible, but the Pines twins were weirder ever since they came back from the summer with their Grunkle. "A shadow-girl."

"Yeah. Like, entirely made out of shadows. She needs the light just to be seen." Mabel flipped a switch in her sweater and...

...the seat beside her was suddenly inhabited by a dark entity with a vaguely girlish form. The effect was somewhat spoiled by the fact that Mabel supplied her own sound effects. Only Mabel could make something that looked so malevolent sound so ridiculous. She managed to dispel all the inherent horror in one long, grating, "BWAAAAAHHH!"

"Hey," said the shadow-girl. "...'sup?"

"Uhm," said Janice. There was hardly a way to mention anything and remain polite. "I guess I'm okay. How are you?"

"Believe it or not I'm fine. Dad insists I get some education while we stay here. Even though it's for the day." There was a sensation of rolling eyes, even though the shadow had no visible eyes to roll. "Don't worry about me. Mabel? Turn off, okay? I don't want to get called on."

"Sure thing. Boop!" And just like that, the shadow-girl vanished.

Weirdness might be infectious, mused Janice. And Mabel has to be a carrier.

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