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"Once it was proposed to me that it was all right to be like I am, I finally quit apologizing for it." - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

Ami collapsed into her comfort nook. "If anyone wants me, I'm no longer in existence."

Tam sighed and put down her project in her mini-workshop. "Bad day at the office?"

"'s a wonderful day for the creative spirit," Ami mumbled. She curled up tighter on herself and turned on the tiny lights that turned her nook into rainbows.

"Need me to climb in with you and be your teddy bear?" offered Tam.

"I need chocolate and crying time."

Tam got up from her hobby work and thrust a box of tissues inside the nook. "Chocolate will come. You want liquid or solid or both?"

"Both is good. Both is very good."

That made it and extremely bad day. "Cake as well."

"O Powers, yes."

Wow. Tam set up the orders on the food printer and began working on the hot chocolate. Knowing Ami as she did, she could guess. Artists had certain soul-drains in their lives. "Let me guess. You had to socialise, and put up with people telling you how to do your job."

"And nobody wanted to buy anything. Someone wanted me to do the exact same thing in shades of green." A deep breath and a long sigh. "I... hate... green."

Tam finished the first hot chocolate. "Sit up, love. I put in two pink marshmallows and gave you extra foam."

Ami shuffled around, half-wrapped in the very fluffy blanket. Her face was puffy and soaked with tears. Her hair was a mess. "Powers bless," she muttered as she accepted the insulated mug. "I had twelve different people tell me that their kid could do what I do. Five of them told me to my face that my work was garbage. One wanted to buy a wall-sized piece for their nursery... if it had just a little more purple in it. Because purple was their three-year-old's favourite colour."

By now, the cake had finished printing, as well as some extra chocolate squares. Tam ferried that to the nook and balanced the plate on the tiny little table by Ami's side. "Okay, so you had a raving swarm of the unknowing, today. People who have no idea what you do or how hard it is to do it. They never will know, most likely."

Ami was in a chocolate trance from her first mouthful. She chewed in slow motion and only swallowed when she had to. "I needed that. Thank you."

"Ready for hugs?"

"Yeah, come on in here. And turn on something animated. I need cartoons."

"Garbage entertainments with garbage food to round off a garbage day," Tam chirped. "Comin' right up. And remember - it's all okay."

Ami leaned against her. "Best. Snuggle-buddy. Ever."

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