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You should write for Steemit...
Oh, that's right! You already do! Just "discovered" you there today... Having fun reading you, THANKS! - @creatr

The message arrived via postcard under their door. They pondered over it for hours, because they had never written a word in their life. Everything was too busy. There was no time. There was no space to create anything in. Their space was a mere bed-sit[1] with cardboard walls and loud neighbours. It was the exact opposite of a writer's retreat.

But they had a laptop, which was the only source of entertainment they owned. Instead of hooking into online games or watching netflix, that evening, they looked up whatever Steemit was.

You could write anything you liked on there. Introduce yourself. Write about whatever you learned. Write about whatever took your fancy.

They wrote the word, "Hi!" on their palm and took a bad selfie with the laptop camera in rotten light. They wrote about the note, they wrote about how impossible it was to write anything. They wrote about how all their energy went into work... and they wrote for half an hour. Then they hit 'submit'.

They were incredibly busy working on another piece, the rest of that night. A story that seemed to come out of nowhere. A story from their own daydreams during the long haul of busses that got them to and from work. During the queues at the bank or the shops. Even during the time they spent on the tilt-a-toilet or the shower in their pokey bathroom.

They had to quit at bedtime.

And in the morning... hundreds of likes. Dozens of replies. And more than a bit of pocket-money. Just as soon as they arranged to be able to withdraw it. They saved up the next installation of their story for that evening, when they had the time. Netflix were forgotten. Games fell out of favour. And life, thanks to the withdrawals, got a little easier.

Whoever wrote that unsigned note was right. They should have been writing for Steemit all along.

[1] A tiny flat with one bedroom and a barely-there lounge. May feature a one- or half-arse kitchen. [enough space for one arse or half an arse] But most often, not so. Some have claustrophobic bathrooms, others have to share amenities with other bed-sits on the same floor.

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / Aleutie]

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