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Not suspicious at all. Move along, please.

"She has amnesia,"
"Thank god!"
"...I-I said, THAT'S TERRIBLE! " -- OohLookShiny

Nurse Blakely wasn't fooled for an instant. She had seen what had happened to Miss Doe. Helped patch up the damage. "You sound like you know how September Doe got her injuries, Mr..." she checked her notes, "Smith."

"First, her name is Holly Buckley. Second, it's my job to keep her safe. Third... I really failed this time. And it involved some werewolves. Well. Three werewolves, a volcano, and a bag of crisps."

"Crisps," echoed Nurse Blakely.

"They really hate the Salt and Vinegar flavour. Should have gone with Bacon 'n' Cheese. Or dog treats, come to think of it. Or just bacon. Everyone loves bacon."

"I'm a vegetarian," sighed Nurse Blakely.

Mr Smith looked mournful. He reached out to grip her shoulder gently. "I'm sorry for your loss," he said. "Anyway. If Holly knew what she'd done, before I dropped her off, here... She'd want to do it again. And I don't want her to do it again. It was bad enough the last couple of times. But just in case," he lowered his voice to a conspiratorial murmur, "Do you know where I can get some bacon bits?"

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