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“If my life wasn’t funny, it would just be true, and that is unacceptable” - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

Kyle was a Lucker. One of the unfortunate few with the Luck gene. His bad luck was everyone's good, and vice versa. His 'range' was five Standard Distance Units, or he would be isolated on a small station just big enough for one. The universe, it seemed, liked balance.

Fortunately for Kyle, he had found an 'out'. He moonlighted as a stand-up comic. All he did was tell tales about his own bad luck and audiences were in gales of laughter. The Minutes showered in. And everyone who laughed at him got some good fortune coming their way. He earned, and they benefitted, and he kind-of made a living.

He despised being laughed at.

Kyle was resigned to it. If he ensured his bad luck, others in his range would benefit. If he had accidental good fortune, others would suffer. It was a knife-edge on the catastrophe curve. Making sure he benefitted just enough so that society would accept his presence for yet another day.

Most of his friends were either AI's or mechanical avatars. Nobody wanted to be too close to a Lucker who might be having a good day. He was used to that. It was amazing what humans could get used to. Except, of course, the laughter aimed at him.

All he did all day was tell people about the horrible things that happened to him. He always finished with a heartfelt, "Goodbye and good luck!" to the cheers and hoots of the crowd.

At least he was good for a laugh. Pity there wasn't much else. He still held out the hope of meeting another Lucker who he could cancel out with. But that wasn't the way.

He couldn't afford to be that lucky.

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Heya - cool tale! Is this part of a Steemit challenge, or does your title only have personal implications?

I've been challenging myself since 2013, so it kind'a predates the Steemit Challenge. Plus I don't have a lot of time to read the keystone work in that, so I'm not involved in it either.

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