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RE: Beneath The Darkness (SciFi Fiction : Part Two of Two)

in #fiction2 years ago

Great story, @samuraihedgehog. This has been the dilemma we have been discussing in my country for 18 years. Is there a light at the end of our tunnel.
Episodes of betrayal (loyalty?) have been occurring year after year with the obvious devastating effect of people's morale and hope. Can we ever know who is who? Will good ever prevail over evil?


I wish I knew the answer hlezama. It's a difficult question to answer without meaningless platitudes.

Personally in my life I try to assume people are good until they prove otherwise. That attitude has caused me more than a few problems in the past, but overall I think it's served me well.

Very wise. Works for me. Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. :)

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