Exotic (Saturday Creature Feature)

in fiction •  last year


(Here's another horror drabble, a little taste of Lovecraft today. As always, if you enjoy, please upvote, comment, and resteem!)

"I must have her."

The proprietor of Big Jim's Aquatics tapped the tank. "Ugly sonofa. But nobody's seen anything like it."

"Not under these stars."

"My supplier netted it in the Pacific. Ate up half the stock in his hold. It's not cheap."

"I'd sell my soul for her."

Big Jim grinned, tasting the impending sale. "Take a month until the quarantine's--"

A shot thundered, passed through Big Jim, shattered the aquarium beyond. With a rush of foetid water, the creature tumbled onto the body.

"I must have her now..."

From the floor the creature laughed as it fed.

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