The dinner - Part one

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Frank sat in his car. He was exhausted after a hard day's work, but still wanted to go and play a game of squash before he went home. Squash helped him to get rid of all his frustrations. He checked the backseat of his car, and saw that he had his gym bag with him. 

"Just one game would do me the world of good! " he thought to himself. He phoned Celeste to tell her that he would be late. 

"That's fine love" she said. "Just remember that we're having Peter and Cynthia over for dinner tonight, so don't be too late."

"Oh dammit. I nearly forgot.  I'll be home in an hour. "

Frank and Celeste had a good relationship. They truly loved each other, but they gave each other enough space to pursue their own dreams. 

They've been together nearly eight years now and they've had no major issues. They've lived together for five and decided not to get married as things were working out fine the way they are. They were truly committed to each other and that is all that matters. 

They did not want children as it didn't fit into their lifestyle and according to Frank it was the perfect relationship.  

He played a quick game of squash and was in an out of the gym in less than forty minutes. He took a quick shower and drove straight home. He was about to turn into the driveway when he remembered that he was supposed to buy some wine.  He drove past the house and went to the liquor store.  He bought a few bottles of wine and was suddenly looking forward to their dinner tonight.  

Peter and Cynthia actually met through Frank and Celeste. Peter and Frank went to school together and Cynthia and Celeste met each other at work. They got married a few years ago when Cynthia fell pregnant. It was an unplanned pregnancy and she had a miscarriage eleven weeks later. Since then they really struggled to fall pregnant again but such is life.  The right thing will happen at the right time. 

"Honey I'm home.." Frank shouted when he stepped inside the house. "I'm in the dining room! " Celeste shouted and he found her there busy setting the table. 

"Hmm... dinner smells delicious..." he said and walked over to the kitchen."  

"You better not touch anything Frank Darcy. I've worked my arse off to get dinner ready. Wait your turn." 

He smiled at her and stole one small potato from the pot on the stove and shoved it in his mouth. 

"Ouch! That hot!" he shouted and she laughed at him. "I told you not to touch anything!"  She poured him a glass of water to take away the burning sensation. The doorbell rang and she went to open the door.

Frank rushed upstairs to dress for dinner and both Cynthia and Peter settled in at the dining room table. Frank dressed properly for dinner as Celeste liked it when he dressed up a little.  

"Fancy fancy"...Peter whistled when Frank came downstairs.  Everyone settled in and Celeste served dinner. 

They had a lovely dinner and each of them had a few glasses of wine. After dinner Frank and Peter walked outside to smoke a cigarette, while Celeste and Cynthia carried the dirty dishes to the kitchen.  Cynthia brought desert and everyone sat in the living room with a bowl of fruit salad and ice cream.  They chatted for a while, and then Cynthia told them that she had something that she wanted to ask them.  

Peter sat closer to her and suddenly both of them looked very serious.  

"Gosh, why so serious all of a sudden?" Frank asked.  

"Both of you know that we have been struggling to get pregnant for a while now..." Cynthia said.  They both nodded.  

"We want to ask you a very serious question, we really need your help..." Peter said.  

"Of course...we would do anything to help you." Frank said and suddenly sounded worried.  

"We want to ask if Cynthia would be our surrogate? There is no one in the world that we trust more than you..."

"Oh my...Celeste said, and looked at Frank."


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Your story is very suspenseful @giantbear. I shall wait for next part

Nice description. thanks for sharing @giantbear

Boom what a question to close off with @giantbear

I hate people like those... self absorbed phoneys!


How are you doing Rich? I am working so hard I don't even get time to write a proper story....nearly holiday then I will have all the time in the world to chat ok?

O my.... yes that is about the right reaction hahaha - enjoy your stories so much