The dinner - Part two

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"We have been to every doctor in the city"  Peter said. 

"This is the only way that we will ever have a baby. We have found the right clinic now we only need the incubator."  Peter said and Cynthia giggled like teenagers. Frank and Celeste didn't quite have the same feeling. 

"Why don't you adopt a baby?" Celeste asked and started to feel awkward. It was after all her body that would endure the pregnancy and she was not sure if she wanted her body to change or go through the emotional stress. 

"It would be like a business transaction. We want our own baby. We've thought about adoption...even went to see an adoption agency, but it might take years. We can assure you that this is not a decision that we made lightly.  Please, please consider this for us...for our friendship." Cynthia said.

"Of course we will consider this." Frank said and smiled at his friends. 

Celeste looked at him as if he just landed from a different planet. 

"No one is going to make any hasty decisions tonight. We need time to think about this. I need a few days to even consider this and I would like to do my own research first."

"We understand that." Cynthia said and smiled at Celeste.  

"We have no other option...and I wouldn't dream of asking anyone else."  

Frank tried to steer the conversation into a different direction, but it was impossible.  Both Peter and Cynthia had baby fever and it was all they talked about for the next half an hour.  

Frank noticed that Celeste felt very awkward and then started yawning to try and get them to leave. 

"It's getting late. I think we should call it a night." Peter said when he caught the negative vibe.  

They all hugged each other and just before they got into the car Peter said: 

"If this was something that you guys asked us, we would not hesitate to say yes." while Cynthia looked Celeste straight in the eyes.

Celeste felt as if they were trying to push her into a corner to have an immediate answer, but this was not a quick decision to make. She was ninety nine percent sure that her answer would be no but she at least owed them to think about this.

Both Frank and Celeste felt a little awkward when they walked back into the house. Each of them had their own thoughts dangling in their minds.  How was this going to change their relationship? Were they going to lose their friends if they said no and what will be the repercussions if they decided to go ahead and say yes...

Frank helped Celeste to wash the last few dishes and then said: "I don't think that we should talk about this tonight. I know this is a big decision, but it is still yours to make.  I'm not going to stand in your way...whatever you decision might be."

They switched off the light and walked upstairs. Frank fell asleep almost instantly but Celeste couldn't sleep at all.  She had never considered having a child, and now she would have one, but she would have to give it away.  Was this really worth the emotional stress?

That whole night Celeste dreamt about babies...and someone was trying to take her baby away....

She was dead tired when she woke up the next morning.  Frank had already left for work, but Celeste knew now what she wanted to do.  She had no other choice.  


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I just have a feeling this is going to turn into an emotional rollercoaster - great story. Cannot wait for the next part.

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